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Ever wanted to go on a shopping spree but didn’t really feel like stepping out of the house? Or wanted to buy something that wasn’t available in your city? Needs as such mentioned, became a growing problem for people in the last few decades. And with the problem came the answer. The e-commerce industry burst into the scene in the late-90s after years of hit-and-trial on the ARPANET. Electronic money transactions to buying and selling commodities, everything was just a click away.

The e-commerce industry was just a front for people to conduct their businesses over the Internet and like every front, it too needed a framework. A framework that blurs the line between the customers and the businesses, provides stability and hassle-free interaction between all the engaged parties. This where we and online store management systems come in.

Widestate delivers unparalleled choice of selecting the most suitable online store management systems, tailor-made for your business. Our handpicked teams of techies provide 24×7 support and expertise in group buying, online shopping, online banking and much more. We here at Widestate provide our services in the form of seven popular online store management systems. So that you, as a client can have different options to choose from and are able to select what’s best suited for your business. Widestate aims to cater to you and your e-commerce needs.

So here is our e-commerce catalogue,

osCommerce Web Development

osCommerce is one of the oldest web development tools in the market right now. It has a massive user database, making it extremely reliable and trustworthy. Along with users, osCommerce hosts tons of developers too which makes it constantly updating and snazzy. Although, despite being packed with tons of features, osCommerce may not suit everyone’s needs. For example, people who prefer template-driven development tools are going to be disappointed with osCommerce. This is why we offer lots of other tools too!

Woocommerce Web Development

Even though on paper, Woocommerce is just another WordPress plugin, it’s almost impossible to find another such plugin with this level of flexibility and power. It definitely is one of the newer players in the market but, even then it has already made quite an impact. Woocommerce allows you to build a store within a site all the while integrating a blog! How cool is that? All of its professionalism aside, it is still a very user-friendly development tool. It is constantly expanding, adding more support and apps. Nevertheless, still not impressed? Move on, we still have more to showcase!

Zen Cart Web Development

Meet the latest the world of web development has to offer – Zen Cart! Branching out as an off-shoot of osCommerce, this PHP-based, MySQL data based online store management system is the most customizable web-development tool out there. Entirely user driven, it can be operated from the client’s own server.   Zen Cart offers all the facilities that any e-commerce shopper can dream of. And even with all these features, it still does not slow the website down. Rather, it vastly improves the performance. It is one of those CMSes that require very little pre-requisite technical knowledge.

Magento Web Development

 Magento is the most versatile and complete web development tool out there. And best of all, it comes in three different packages that offer capabilities best suited for you and your business. Namely, Enterprise, the high performance and extremely scalable version that offer unparallel flexibility. The Go version, perfect for small start-ups and is extremely light without cutting down on much of its features. Finally the Community edition, and as the name suggest it features community based support and tests the limits of flexibility of Magento. Magento is the most sophisticated development tool in the market that serves the highest echelons of the e-commerce ladder. It’s most unique feature? It allows assignment of different types of access level to different types of administrative users.

Prestashop Web Development

Prestashop Web Development tool’s USP over the time, has been its tiny size and hence its speed installation. It is template driven and customizable to the core. Prestashop provides support for numerous international languages and currencies. Another unique feature of Prestashop is the ability of the use to alter the theme and the interface with changing the overall functionality and structure of the parent site. Also, Prestashop is inherently search engine optimized, which provides another boost for the client’s business. Other features include Google site map integration, automatic generation of site map and a reproduction of a dedicated URL for every different product.

Virtuemart Web Development

Virtuemart is one of the newer tools to hit the market that something or other to offer to everyone. From customers to merchants, from web agencies to developers, Virtuemart has application for all the rungs of an e-commerce chain. This Joomla based development tool comes built-in with a powerful calculator that computes everything from exchange rates to taxes and currency conversions and all. It has the unique ability to customize the web interface based on the specific type of product that is being sold on that page. Secure transactions, password-driven admin access are just some it’s many security features. This too is heavily optimized on the search engine side hence, making this a favorite with Google, Bing, etc.

Opencart Web Development

OpenCart is an open source PHP based online e-commerce system. It has integrated Kinetics payment system that makes it widely compatible. E-payment sites like iPaymeny, RuPay, Paypal and much more can be integrated to the web site using OpenCart. It also has its own reporting system. The developer can make use of the various settings to create detailed reports of order, returns and lists of popular goods. It also allows detailed analysis of the sales report. All in all, OpenCart makes for a highly recommendable choice for small and medium businesses that do not possess much administrative man-power or technical expertise.

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