Managed Hosting


Web hosting is a precarious business. It is highly sophisticated and requires hours of work. But despite that, our developers work tirelessly to provide flexible hosting solutions. Without a compromise in quality, we provide the most affordable hosting services that are made to your specifications. And our work doesn’t just end with handing you over a host, even after, we provide 24×7 support for our clientele.


All our web hosting plans are based high quality shared server hosting. This enables us to provide  our features at almost no extra cost. On top of that our online customer support makes sure that the hosting addresses all the different levels. Our hosting exists in a highly secured environment and our support provides regular backups for your daily history. Along with that we provide unlimited space for all your needs.


Our grid hosting services come a lot of advanced features that enhance the strength and performance of your web site. The best part about this? With more than one servers dedicated to the servicing of your website, even with the crash of any one server, your website will still go on. All of this gives our entrepreneurial  level benefits


VPS Hosting allows us to highly customize our clients needs. From self-managed dedicated servers to cloud storage and Linux cPanels, our web hosting solutions are the middle ground between performance and customizability. With each VPS servers comes an unlimited amount of servers, hassle-free upgrades and a over-all swiftness in the  web hosting services.


Our developers and designers work reflect our integrity and dedication. And with their experience comes a certain level of trust and reliability that the clients can bank on. Widestate’s development team makes use of various techs to create the host of your needs and dreams. Top-class hardware allows us for future upgrades to the servers and gives a record almost 100% network uptime.

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