Every website needs it’s content. Stepping aside all the technical concoctions, things that really sell a business are words. As business venture ourselves, we definitely understand your needs. And practically, the content is actually something that ends up on posters, messages, comments and what-nots, not the algorithms or the server maintenance logs. Which is why, along with all the technical aids, we here at Widestate, employ a remarkable team of writers, for your requirements only. They soak in your needs, calculate the impact and pen down some crowd-pulling contents for you.


Our writers won’t play around with your time. It’s precious for both you and us. So, cutting through all the unnecessities, our writers directly get to the point. As various studies and researches have found, people don’t prefer to mingle with irrelevant information. If they came to the site looking for a pen, they demand to directed to a pen. And our writers are here to nudge them in the just direction. One hundred percent genuine and highly attractive, that’s our guarantee.


The key to a successful SEOed content is the just amount of keywords in the main text and the clarity of the message. After years of experience writing similar articles, our writers have found the sweet spot. In today’s life in the fast lane, nobody has got the time to read lengthy articles, even though they might be informative. Which is why, we keep it short and sweet. Not too less, such that it keeps the reading wanting for more nor too long, wherein the reader loses it’s way along the way. All of this at an extremely affordable price.


We have always let our work speak for ourselves. And our writers are the working testimony to that. Their crisp energetic language makes rakes in thousands of readers. After testing for years, we have come to write our clients’ content that is specifically made for real people and not captcha failing robots.

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