The Rise of the New Customer Service Perspective for 2019

All that you do to create visibility to your brand this year just ensure that you aim for one major goal, which is better local customer service. It seems simple, but a complex process with numerous marketing tasks. If any business does not aim for good customer service, it is time to make a change over. Customer is king in the perspective and resolving their problems instantly is the motto. What is the local customer service ecosystem going to be in 2019? Let us see how customer issues and concerns need to be solved, how to connect with customers, and generate customer loyalty.


The key agenda to enhance the local customer service, which brings to the table the following questions:

  1. Who can support customers, who prefer a business and who do not, who is responsible for a brand, who is the best choice, the cheapest option, and the appropriate one.
  2. What is the answer to customer’s questions, what product/service provides customers with a solution, what business is located nearby, what is the business like, what security policies apply to the business, what is the contact numbers and the address.
  3. Where is a business situated, where to locate parking facilities, where manufacturing or cultivation is done?
  4. When sales or events happen in an open business, when a business is at its peak or its busy time, when to buy specific products/services or when to get an appointment, etc.
  5. Why a business is chosen as the best considering certain factors, why a business was started, why people prefer a business or do not like it and so on.
  6. How to acquire the business, how to make purchases, how to connect with the appropriate department or personnel, how to provide feedback or raise a complaint, how the business contributes to the society.

Now, let us list out all that contributes to good customer service in the current trend and for each category:

Store Procedures

  1. Brand policies and procedures to be made accessible to all for better understanding.
  2. Well-trained communication experts with good language skills to be able to gather information from customers and to resolve the issue.
  3. Professional and trained staff to encounter customers and interact with them for the sale.
  4. Signage for customers within the store premises to guide them perfectly.
  5. Clean and tidy store place for customers to feel good about the ambience.
  6. Clear cut messages and signs to announce all that customers need to know about the business, sale, or the process.

Product Website

  1. Content to be made accessible from any device.
  2. Content that conveys the message appropriately and is easily understandable by all.
  3. Content on the security policies, trustworthiness of the business such as license information, accreditations, and website security policies.
  4. Contact info to be at the ready for easy reach by customers.


  1. Easily accessible email IDs for instant communication.
  2. Conduct email campaigns and marketing and share newsletters.

Social Media Presence

  1. Make the brand visible by posting on social media platforms.
  2. Monitor the social media posts and reviews to attend to customer queries and resolve their complaints instantly.
  3. Sharing with similar communities on the product and its benefits.

Customer Reviews

  1. Subscribe to good review forums and start responding to positive and negative feedback from customers.
  2. Filter spam messages and report them appropriately.
  3. Avoid clogging of review forums with spam messages.

Internet Readiness

List out customer problems to get them resolved. This is the most important exercise to keep your customers happy. At times, customers do not know where they can find a specific product or service, how something works, where they can get more help, who can help them with specific things, why must they choose a specific brand, why they need to buy your brand, and many more. Well, the Internet does lot of help to customers who turn up to it for all their queries and needs. Hence, placing good amount of information for all customer needs on your website is a good practice to be able to keep them engaged with your brand.

Good Strategy

Most brands wish to encounter the customers be it positive or negative and would like to keep them happy and satisfied. But they might not possess a good strategy to do so. Small businesses may find it difficult to spend effort on such activities and might not be able to buy-in intricate details for all customer service initiatives. Have a good strategy in place within the possible budget to make customer service effective and successful.

Consumer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

Do a loyal service to the existing customers to enhance brand loyalty. Customers who are highly satisfied with a certain brand do not wish to move out of it for another even with good advertising campaigns. Make your customers to become emotionally attached to your brand to sustain them for a long-term. Their emotional experience will speak out the quality of a brand and the sincerity towards customers. We are discussing about emotion and loyalty because minus the technology, devices, and the Internet, it is only human beings dealt with in any kind of business.

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