Why Visual Content is important for the human eye?

A human eye is drawn to visuals. Anything that looks interesting and beautiful catches our attention. It is said that most of the information processed by the human brain is through vision. The content is understood better and faster with a bunch of visuals rather than a string of words. The human brain is captivated by visuals and more attention is paid to the underlying message – it is explained easier, clearer and faster. To make your marketing campaign a success it is wiser to pay attention to the visual appeal of your content. Plan and present your content in the most visually appealing way. Some of the components that can make up good visual content are images, videos, presentations, infographics etc.

Listed here are a few proven facts to demonstrate why visual content is a winner.

  • Humans love Visuals

In this new fast-paced world, people prefer a faster way to understand and assimilate information. This is how our love for visuals has grown. At any given time only 10% to 15% of the information is retained by a regular online consumer. With an already short attention span of a human brain, the content will get attractive only if they are visually appealing. We prefer visuals over the textual content also because it is easier to process it and in turn remember it.

According to Cisco’s projections, there will be a huge increase in the video content across the global IP networks for each month in 2021. Every second there will be a million minutes of video content generated.

With the advent of lighting speed of internet, better quality screens and faster processing mobile devices the consumer is ever ready to grasp any visual content available. You can make the most of this situation by creating more and more content that are visually beautiful and eye-catching.

  • Increased Visibility and Shareability

When your content is visually appealing it will fetch organic visibility. The average person spends more time on social media posts that contains an image or a video. This in turn, increases the shareability index of such posts. Use this quality to your advantage and deliver a well-developed message. More circulation of your content could well achieve the ever desired “viral” status on the internet.

These days, the search pattern and techniques of a consumer have also evolved, there are more voice searches on mobile devices than ever before. The search results are dynamic and can be customized. Since the search results are linked to multiple search verticals, there are more chances of your rich media appearing easily in the search results. This can be worked in your favor by adding more visual content to your information.

  • Visuals can hold attention

Content with more visuals holds the attention span of the consumer. More the consumer engages in your content, more the chances of conversion. This shows that the consumer is ready to engage in content that is meaningful and also pleasing to the eye. It also means that the content could get shared many times online. This could be a very good opportunity to boost your sales and get more leads.

Remember to add your company logo or brand to all your content, so that your brand gets all the recognition when it is re-shared on the internet. Also, studies show that the click-through rates for web pages increase significantly when an image is added to its content. This is especially true for a product page. Any consumer would like to see the image of the product before reading out its features and deciding to click through or buy. Also, there are more chances of ranking high on the organic search results if the content contains visuals.

  • Visual Content can be Recollected better

Any content that is visually appealing and draws a consumer’s attention will stay in memory for a longer time. This can be proved when we think of reports – the ones with more visual data like pie charts or bar graphs could be understood and recollected better than the ones which listed out data in plain words. Modern education system also relies more and more on the visual methods to teach the kids, which is easier to grasp and understand.

The same idea can be applied to content. With powerful and creative visuals added to accurate information your content can be made relatable and thus remembered for a longer time. Human brains can assimilate and retain information much faster with visual content in it.

  • Repurpose your Visual content

A common worry for all the marketers is to keep posting content that is new and fresh at the same time. There are more ways than one to present your content now. The same content that is optimized for one platform/device and audience can be repurposed into another form, for another platform. This repurposing of the same content into different forms gives the content more visibility on the internet, thus keeping your brand on the top of the search results game.

Do not hesitate to repurpose your content. Consider a simple survey of your colleagues commuting to office. The survey data can be analyzed and represented into a bar graph, this can be written about in a blog. The same data can be turned into an infographic and posted on social media. It could be explained in an animated video or be spoken about in a video tutorial. In this way, the same content was presented in more than one way. Repurpose your content and present it in the most relatable format to your audience.


Keeping a media rich, visually appealing content can well be the deal maker for your online content. Present your content not only in a meaningful way but also that which is visually captivating. With increased visibility, and captivating attention span there are more chances of recollecting and sharing your content on the web. Use these techniques to your benefit and beat the mediocre content.

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